Party Poker Customer Support

There’s A Reason Why Party Poker Has Always Been So Popular

Party Poker has been wowing its customers with its award winning customer service and support for years. They are waiting to help you anytime you need it, to resolve any questions or issues that you have. The most impressive thing that I’ve found about all of this at Party Poker is how rare it’s been for me to even need to contact them. The best run site is the one where everything runs smoothly all the time and there’s no need to contact anyone about anything. This is how things tend to run at Party Poker.

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Party Poker’s Support Page

Party Poker has conveniently organized all of its support features on one convenient page which can be accessed from their home page as well as from the poker software. For starters, this is where you can access any service announcements, which are pretty infrequent. However if you ever find that there’s an issue with your connection or service, you can check here to see if it’s an outage. This will tell you if it’s a matter of the site or something related to your own connection, which is very helpful to know. With that said though, there is probably no other poker room which is as reliable as Party Poker.

The next box provides you with the top 10 “most viewed” topics, with links to more information on them. If the question that you are looking to get answers on isn’t listed there, then in the box to the right you can click on the “full FAQ,”, where they provide you with links to 5 categories: account, poker, cashier, loyalty, and VIP. So all you do now is click on the category that best fits your question, which then provides you a drop down list of several sub-categories. Then you click on which sub-category you want to get more information on and it pops up for you. This is a fantastic setup and I don’t believe there’s anything else out there that’s so easy to use and also provides you with all the information you want and need.

Of course you aren’t limited to using this FAQ database just when you have a question, as you can also browse it at your leisure to find out all there is to know about playing at Party Poker. Party Poker also requests your feedback on the quality of their answers, and you can rate them with one to five stars. This helps Party Poker ensure that they are providing you with the best possible service. Also, if you prefer, you can bypass this process and simply type your question into the question box. Then the software searches their entire information database and then displays all of the relevant answers. You then just pick the one that best fits, and click on the link and you get the information that you are looking for.

Party Poker’s Contact Methods

If you are unable to have your question answered by using Party Poker’s knowledge database, or if it’s just something that requires communicating with a real person, Party Poker provides three different methods to contact them with. First, there is the email option, where you simply click on the “email us” link and then fill out the online form and submit. You’ll then be contacted by email by one of Party Poker’s support staff members.

If your question requires a fairly simple answer and it’s not something that it’s important to have the answer to immediately, then email can be the best and most convenient option. However, there are times where you either need to find out the information right now, or have a question or issue that will require some discussion. If there is going to be some back and forth, then you probably don’t want to have to exchange several emails before you finally get your answer.

So for these types of questions and discussions, Party Poker provides you with two different choices, according to your own preference. You can speak to an agent on the phone or use the internet chat feature. With the phone support, all you do is select your country from the drop down menu and it then gives you the toll free number for your area.

Phone support is definitely the fastest method, although live internet chat is pretty fast as well. I personally prefer the internet chat and it’s definitely quick, unlike a lot of poker sites where you can wait on hold for quite a while, if they even offer it. The agents are polite and helpful and within minutes you will get what you are looking for.

Overall, Party Poker’s support is as good as it gets really and is just one more reason why you want to experience everything Party Poker has to offer for yourself.

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