Party Poker Software Review

Party Poker’s Recent Software Upgrade Is Simply Fabulous

Party Poker certainly wasn’t known for its flashy software over the years, and in fact hadn’t really changed it since they opened the doors over 10 years ago. While players felt that an upgrade was long overdo, especially with all the newer online poker sites coming up with much more modern looking software packages, no one really seemed to mind, as the Party Poker experience has had little to do with whether their software is boring or not.

Instead, it’s always been about the sheer amount of fish that hang at Party Poker, and when you’re making a lot more money there than you would be making elsewhere, who cares really. As far as the practicality of poker software, Party’s has always been really easy to use, and having to look at the same old tables and very tired looking avatars, which never changed no matter who was at the table, didn’t really matter. I’ve actually heard very few complaints about Party Poker’s software over the years in fact,

However, Party Poker has recently re-vamped everything about their operation, and in fact have made significant improvements in every conceivable area. Their software ended up getting a complete makeover, even offering a Party Poker version for Mac, and they went out and hired the best talent available both in terms of looking to make dramatic improvements in both the look of the thing and it’s usability and playability. And, as is the case with all of the other improvements that they ended up making, they succeeded with flying colors.

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Speed Has Always Been Party Poker’s Strong Suit

One of the reasons why players have tended not to mind Party Poker’s software in spite of its rather dull appearance is that it’s always been one of the fastest programs out there. Poker sites make more money with faster and more reliable software, where players aren’t waiting excessively for cards to be dealt, or even worse, for players to come back that have been disconnected.

One of the things that stood out for me at some other sites is how much time gets wasted on this stuff, leading to situations where no one is happy. These shortcomings do not benefit either the poker site nor the players, and some poker sites simply don’t put enough effort into the speed or reliability of their software. Party Poker, on the other hand, has always understood the importance of this, and players over the years have shown their appreciation though their loyalty.

Party Poker Software’s New Makeover

If you hadn’t had the chance to experience the old look, then you probably will just think that this is among the coolest looking poker software programs on the internet. However, in comparison to the old look, they have gone from a rusted old car in someone’s back yard to a brand new shiny Ferrari. If this were on one of those makeover shows on TV the people would be falling all over themselves in tears for sure when they go from what Party used to look like to what it looks like now.

The tables look great and you can now pick from an extensive library of cool looking avatars or upload your own, subject to their approval of course. So this just makes sure that everything on there is in good taste.

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Party Poker’s Lobby

The lobby not only looks fabulous but it very easy to use, the easiest I’ve ever seen. The filters are right there on top and there are four categories to set, which are game type, stakes, size of table, and speed. There are also other filters you can select and the whole thing is fully customizable. So you just tell the thing exactly what types of games you want displayed and then in the table lobby below it shows you exactly what you want to see. Then, you can further sort them by type or how many people are currently seated or whatever.

The experience of finding the games you want could not be made easier for you. Most poker sites have filters, but they are often difficult and even annoying to use, although at these sites they are at least better than nothing. The filtering software at Party Poker is simply the best out there, as is the case with pretty much everything at Party Poker, come to mention it.

On the left there is a navigation bar which allows you to very easily select the game types you want, in addition to providing links to pretty much everything else to do with Party Poker, including your preferences, your account, the cashier, the points store, and so on. Most poker sites provide this as a drop down menu on top, but I find this much easier to navigate, as I’m sure you will too.

Party Poker’s Tables

The tables at Party Poker not only look great, but they are very well organized and very easy to navigate and use. They are also resizable which is especially important if you play several tables at once. The buttons and functionality of the game play is also excellent. The thing I really like about this is how the player boxes change from full intensity to much reduced when a player has folded, which makes it very easy to see who is in the hand.

All in all Party Poker has taken their software to my least favorite of all time to my most favorite. The only real improvement that I can think of is for them to offer full color cards, for instance the entire card being of one color for a suit instead of the traditional cards that were invented 500 years ago and look it. There’s only one poker site that offers this though right now and more sophisticated players have been buying add on software mods at the other sites in order to get this at the rest. So hopefully at some point soon Party Poker will make this available to us.

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In Conclusion

To sum up, Party Poker has ramped up their software big time and it’s now a sheer pleasure to play there, in every way. I’ve always liked Poker Stars’ software the best although I really don’t like playing against tough opponents where I make a lot less money. So now I get the best of both worlds at Party, which is lots of fish and a super cool looking and super easy to use software program. It doesn’t get any better than this in fact.