Party Poker Traffic Review

The Nature Of Poker Traffic Is Widely Misunderstood

Party Poker TrafficOne of the least well understood factors about selecting a poker room is how much traffic is desirable. Many players, even the most experienced ones, believe that bigger is always better. It isn’t quite this simple, and in fact players generally hurt themselves by not really appreciating the dynamics at work here as far as how traffic relates to your bottom line.

If you’re a profitable player, it’s all about what sort of traffic situation will maximize your earn rate. Now there are two elements to evaluating traffic at a poker website, which are the quantity of the traffic and the quality of the traffic. Most players pay way too much attention to the quantity side and ignore the quality side.

They may also have come up with strategies which may be inferior to maximizing their win rate, like playing too many tables. Now you often hear about players comparing their win rates within a given site based upon playing this many tables versus another number. What this misses out on is the fact that you really need to be comparing this across sites as well, which no one really does.

So for instance you may claim that you can make more money per hour playing 8 tables of a certain stake versus 4, but you might be able to make more money on another site playing a higher stake with just one or two tables going at a time. The competition may be easier to beat at a much higher stake at one site than a much lower stake at another. This is an example of the qualitative element.

For instance, I mostly play high stakes sit and go tournaments, up to $1000, and I was asked to review the low stakes tournaments at a particular site. Now this site is known for its much tougher players than were I play, but I figured, well I’ll play a $5 tournament and being a professional player it should pretty much be a joke against these newbies. Well the newbies turned out to be almost as good as the people I normally play against at the higher stakes, and it seems that they have watched countless instructional videos and play a pretty solid game.

I still won but I certainly got a lot bigger test than I expected. This was a big shock and I really feel sorry for people who play at this site as they play against a lot tougher competition than they need to. The funny thing is, they really don’t know the difference and think that everyone plays this tough at other sites too, because they haven’t gotten any good advice and also haven’t tried out other places either.

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There Really Is A Huge Difference In Terms Of Quality Between Poker Sites

So if you are playing at these levels, at the softer poker sites, the small stakes are full of real donkeys versus the pretty good players at this much tougher site. Some people think that there isn’t much of a difference and all poker sites are similar as far as the level of competition at poker sites, but if you think this is the case, you better think again. Nothing could be further from the truth in fact. The people that tend to say that haven’t really played at many sites at all, so they really don’t know what else is out there.

So if you’re making money now or are looking to do so at some point, you need to ask yourself if you’re putting yourself in the best position to do so given where you are currently playing. What gets people into trouble is thinking, well I need to play 24 tables at once at my stake, so I’ll just rule out every site that doesn’t allow this. So now they are down to one single site these days, and end up either losing money or just squeezing out a small hourly profit. The 24 tables may have actually been the ideal amount at that site, but playing less but making a whole lot more per hour isn’t an idea you just want to reject out of hand.

It Only Makes Sense To Be In The Most Profitable Games

Whenever I discuss this issue with big time multi-tablers, I always start out by asking them why they think that they have to play this many tables at the same poker site, rather than some at the site they are at and some at other sites. This always leaves them at a loss, because to be honest there not only is no good reason why they shouldn’t be doing this, it’s actually clearly to their benefit. So once that chain is cast off, what generally happens is that by looking to get into the most profitable games around, regardless of site, none of them happen to be at the site where they play now.

Now it certainly is true that some poker rooms simply have too little traffic to bother with, even though what is there may be of pretty high quality. However, given that there are generally games running at your preferred game and stake, it does become a possible viable option. However, as you can see, quantity of traffic does matter as well, and ideally you should look for both quantity and quality.

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Party Poker Offers The Best Combination Of These Two Critical Elements

Party Poker currently has the second highest amount of traffic among all online poker sites, second only to Poker Stars. Poker Stars happens to have the toughest competition around by far though, so while they have one of the two needed elements in abundance, they completely lack the other one. While by virtue of the sheer number of players that play there, it is true that there are some fish mixed in.

Here’s what happens there though, as evidenced by my personal experience in playing there. There’s some tough tables that your Grandpa would be considered loose at, with short or even no waiting lists. Then there’s some tables with one or more fish at them, with a big waiting list. So you’d rather play against those fish so you get on those lists. By the time you get a seat, the fish are long gone, and now you’re playing against the other sharks who were attracted by the little amount of blood in the water. Now the game has become even tougher than the ones you passed up on originally.

So you don’t see things like this happen at Party Poker, where the fish are abundant and there aren’t tons of sharks to compete for them with. While it is true that there are some good players at Party as well, it’s all about the shark to fish ratio. What would you prefer, lots of sharks and few fish, or lots of fish and few sharks?

This Is By Far The Biggest Appeal Of Party Poker In Fact

There’s a lot of things to love about Party Poker and I’ve dedicated various sections of this site to them, and it’s certainly important to know about all of the great features that a poker room has in store for you, and in particular, how to best take advantage of all of them. However, none are bigger than the opportunity that Party Poker presents you to enjoy greater success than you would at any other poker site in the world, bar none. What creates this profitable situation is in fact the traffic at Party Poker, which is famously soft and famously abundant.

When you have both these factors working for you at the same time, then if you are already profitable, you will simply make more money playing poker, and if you haven’t been profitable elsewhere, you’ll find it easier and quicker to do so, and will lose a lot less along the way if you still need to improve your game to get there. I don’t know about you, but in my books this is all supremely important. I count my successes by how much money I make, and I’m sure you do as well. So why not put yourself in the best position to succeed, as I have done, and come over to Party Poker and experience the difference for yourself?

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