Party Poker Rewards Program

A Brief History Of Poker Rewards

Party Poker has recently taken a giant leap forward in the world of rewarding its players for their loyalty. There’s always been a significant focus on acquiring players, where new players are paid bonuses for trying out poker rooms, and this is something most poker rooms have done for a long time. The thinking has been that once a poker room has a player, they will tend to keep a large number of them simply out of habit.

So a few years back some poker rooms began to realize that players were getting more sophisticated in their ability and desire to shop around and try out new poker sites, especially since most of these other sites were offering them rewards to give their poker site a try. A new term was even created, that of “bonus whoring,” where a lot of players would go from poker site to poker site collecting first deposit bonuses.

So in order to try to combat this, loyalty programs were created to not only reward players for trying out a poker site, but to continue to reward them as a means of providing an incentive to stay versus incentives other poker sites were offering them to leave. While initial deposit bonuses were of short term in nature, offering players payouts for playing there for a month or so on average, these rewards programs focused on long term retention, where the party just didn’t end after you collected your initial deposit bonus, it just kept on going.

Now this was obviously a good thing for players, although these rewards tend to be of lesser amounts than the initial deposit bonuses, and really don’t amount to much at all unless you were an extremely active player. What poker sites didn’t realize is that while these players do play a huge amount and therefore are very valuable compared to the run of the mill player, a poker site’s bread and butter is still the rank and file players which comprise almost all of the action at a site. So just throwing them a bone here and there while rewarding very active players fairly well didn’t turn out to be the best approach.

However, it would be very expensive for a poker site to reward all of its players well, so poker sites continued to use the old model, where players would play for months and maybe collect enough points to get a t-shirt or something. This can’t even be considered rewards, playing all that time for the privilege of being able to wear a poker room’s gear. So as you can imagine, the vast majority of players have been very disappointed with the rewards programs that have been out there.

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Party Poker Finally Brings Rewards To The People

This was the case with Party Poker as well, until recently that is. Due to the fact that their poker room has always been among the very best places to play, and due to their phenomenal success over the years, they could afford to be lazy and complacent as well, like every other poker site is. However, as a leader in the industry, they have stepped up and made some dramatic changes to their rewards program that now has them standing out far from the crowd in this aspect as well.

If you’re thinking that I might be exaggerating here, consider the fact that they took the step to make all of their tournaments completely free, meaning no tournament fees at all anymore. Other poker sites might throw you a nickel per dollar of tournament fees with their reward program, and maybe you’d get a dime if you were a very active tournament player. Party Poker gives its players the full dollar back, in fact they don’t even take it in the first place. This gives you an idea of how serious they are in giving back to their players.

Now they do have to make money somehow, and still charge a rake in cash games like every other poker site. However they have ramped up their reward program on the cash side of things, and while you don’t get it all back like you get with tournaments, they have significantly increased the payout amounts they give their players simply for playing real money hands at their poker room.

Even more importantly, they have made this program accessible to all players, even those who don’t play very much. Sure, the more you play, the higher your rewards will be, but it really doesn’t make sense from a business perspective to only reward a few players with something meaningful while providing such small reward amounts to the majority of their players that it’s almost an insult. Party Poker now ensures everyone is treated like a VIP, which is the way things should be.

At other sites, the tendency is not even to count hands played at the lower stakes. At Party Poker, every real money hand you play, regardless of how small the stakes are, collects Party Points, which is what you use to cash in for your rewards. Even more importantly, you just don’t cash them in for just t-shirts or hats, they have a very large selection of merchandise at their store which you can get, or you can just take the value of them in cash. This ensures that everyone is made happy and taken care of.

The More You Play At Party Poker, The Higher You Climb

Party Poker has five main VIP categories. New players start out at the Bronze level. At this level, every time you earn 500 Party Points, you can cash them in for $10, or use them in the rewards store. However, if you can hit 400 Party Points in a month, you now become promoted to the Silver level. Once there, you can get $15 for 750 points, an equivalent amount as the Bronze payout, or you can let it ride and double your payout to get $30 simply by continuing to play.

The great thing about shooting for the higher amount by letting it ride so to speak is that the points needed to free up the larger amount also count toward the next payout. So in essence the 750 points here gets you the $30 and the only real difference is that you have to play a little more to get it, but in the end, every 750 points will get you the $30 as long as you continue to play there. You don’t even have to wait to clear the whole thing, as once you select the bonus option, they pay it out in 5 separate installments, meaning the additional wait to see some cash is short indeed.

For those who are more patient, if you wait until you get 1500 Party Points to cash them in at the Silver level, that becomes worth a total of $80 instead of the $30. So as you can see, being patient here definitely does pay off, as for double the Party Points you get almost three times the money in your pocket.

1000 points in a month will get you elevated to the Gold level, where the payouts now become $200 for 3000 Party Points, and $450 for 6000. Now we’re talking some serious money here, and just for doing what you’d be doing anyway, which is playing poker. By the way, the amounts I am giving you are for the bonus option, which I strongly recommend you choose, unless you are broke and need to grab the immediate payout option to stay in the game. Once again, the bonus option gives you more money without really having to do anything further, other than waiting a bit.

The Palladium and Palladium Elite levels, for the more active players, are achieved by earning a certain amount of points per quarter, or three month period, rather than monthly. The requirements here are higher, but the rewards are much higher, as you will see. By the way, a lot of players think that these levels are out of reach, but it’s simply a matter of your working your way up the stakes, and higher stakes not only mean higher profits per hour for you but much higher rewards as well.

You need 9000 Party Points in a quarter to qualify for the Palladium level. Once you get there, the treasure chest really starts to open up for you. 10,000 Party Points now gets you $1000, and 20,000 earns you $3000. That’s nothing though compared to the ultimate level at Party Poker, the Palladium Elite, where those who hit the 40,000 mark will be elevated to. Those 40,000 points will have you collecting $7000 in cash, but if you can hold off, you will collect $20,000 for 100,000 points, or shoot for the ultimate gift of a whopping $75,000 for 300,000 points. There are players at Party Poker who earn this phenomenal amount of money several times a year.

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So With All This Money Waiting For You, It’s Time To Get Started Earning

As you can clearly see, the initial welcome bonus that Party Poker will be giving you is just the start. Pretty much any poker site will give you a bonus for trying them out. The bonuses at Party Poker though just go on and on, which is the way it should be. I love getting free money and I know that you do as well. I also love the fact that a poker site cares enough about my business to keep rewarding me well, and also makes sure that they give me what I want, and if I want I can just take the cash. This is just another reason among many why I love Party Poker so much. Let’s all raise our glasses to bigger and better rewards, as well as everything else about Party Poker that has it standing out as being second to none in every way.