Party Poker Tell A Friend Program

Earn Lots Of Extra Money Just By Referring Your Friends

Party Poker Refer-A-Friend ProgramParty Poker has a great referral program where you can get paid a lot of money just for passing along the names of people you think might want to join the party with you at Party. Among all of the rewards that Party Poker offers its players, this might be the best one out there, at least for the smaller players who may not have the money to go after the bigger sized initial deposit bonuses, or may not play big enough to cash in on some of the very big VIP rewards.

It doesn’t matter how big or small a player you are though. I’m a very big player but if someone offered me a hundred bucks just to pass someone’s name and email address along to them, then I’m definitely taking advantage of this. In fact I’ve cashed in on this refer a friend bonus too many times to count, and have sent a lot of people to Party Poker over the years.

I don’t remember a single person who wasn’t completely happy with their decision to come over to Party, and that’s the great thing about working with the world’s best poker site. If you’re going to refer people, than you may as well send them to the best poker room around. To make it easier for you, Party Poker not only gives you an extra $100 per friend, they also give your friends an extra $100 as well.

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How This Bonus Deal Works

All you need to do is give Party Poker a list of names and email addresses of people that you know who may be interested in opening their first account at Party. Then Party Poker takes over and does the rest, including notifying your friends that you recommended their poker site and inviting them to join. Of course if helps if you do a little selling to them yourself, including telling them all about your great experiences there, and in particular how Party is hooking both you and them up with a free hundred bucks.

Then, provided that your friend ends up playing at Party, each time he or she collects 60 Party Points, both you and your friend get paid $10, up to a maximum of $100 per friend. This isn’t bonus money that they give you, it’s cold hard cash right into your poker account at Party Poker. You’ve done your part to earn it, which is just giving Party the names of your friends.

The Benefits Of All This Extra Cash

Needless to say, it’s a very nice benefit to get a bunch of free money. However, it’s a lot bigger deal than you may realize. This is particularly true the earlier in the bankroll process that you are. If you are not profitable yet, for instance, than this can make the difference between busting out and surviving. If you have turned the corner and are starting to beat the games now, a good bankroll boost like this can dramatically accelerate your progress. This will allow you to climb up the stakes much faster and really jack up both your hourly rate and your ascent toward achieving your poker dreams.

Many of the top players of today, earning six and even seven figures a year playing poker, started out very small, and worked their way up. The first stage is to survive the inevitable learning curve, then move up the stakes to where you eventually are playing for the highest stakes out there.

Now not everyone achieves these heights of course, but there are a huge amount of people that make very good money on the side or even as a full time job playing poker online. If you are to achieve this, you need to make sure you are taking advantage of everything out there, and Party Poker giving you a bunch of free money with this deal is certainly one of them.

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The Sky Is The Limit Here

Party Poker Tell-A-Friend ProgramWe all have quite a few people that we know, and chances are, if we are interested in online poker, then at least some of the people we know will want to give it a try as well, if they aren’t already doing so. If they do like to play poker, some of them may already know about how good a poker room Party Poker, is, but many will not. So you want to think of yourself as a salesman here, and that’s exactly what you are, getting paid very good money to spread the word about Party.

You’re certainly not limited to people you know offline, as we all know quite a few people online, and there may even be more opportunities to promote it that way. Do you think you can come up with 10 people that would try out Party Poker? Well that’s potentially a thousand dollars right there for you. How about 20, or 30? Two or three thousand in your pocket perhaps? The sky is really the limit here. This deal obviously adds a lot of value to the experience of playing at Party Poker, and is one more great reason why you yourself need to be trying it out if you haven’t done so already.